Strategy development with business models

With the tool, ”Business Modelling for sustainable and profitable growth,” we facilitate the development of effective strategies for corporate boards and management groups. The working process provides answers to questions sucha as, ”How can we grow?” and above all, ”How can we grow in a sustainable and profitable way?” 

Development of the tool was begun in 2015. We deploy it as a support facility in activities undertaken by boards and management groups, to contribute to sustainable business operations by simplifying strategy development work. The tool can also be directed to the implementation of strategies. We contribute to the development and reinforcement of strategies. We contribute to the development and reinforcement of the organisation´s growth management. 

Business modelling for sustainable and profitable growth

The business model describes how the company generates revenue, how products and services are produced and how these come to benefit the customer. This enhances understanding, focus and involvement – all to the betterment of the company´s potential growth. Our definition of the business model: 

Business models demonstrate how the company produces and delivers customer satisfaction, which generates the company´s result. Customer value relates to enhanced customer benefit and reduced dissatisfaction within the customer´s business.

How do we work with strategy development for growth? 

All profit-making companies need to work to increase growth. When the management of the company has revealed specific objectives and relevant KPI´s, and created profitable strategies, the chances of success increase exponentially. We have seen this happen ourselves at close quarters.  

We have developed a set-up tool for strategy development that visualises the company´s business model, develops its sustainability and secures the business model´s scalability with respect to the development of sustainable and scalable growth strategies. To make the strategy development available to all, we have evolved a working method that is divided into five separate and cohesive steps. 

Business modelling

The advantages of the tool and our working method

Strategy development is often viewed as complex, and we feel uncertain where to start for the best results, frequently losing focus in the process. The most common cause of this is that strategic work is based upon abstract thought processes. This factor places considerable demands on people. 

The advantage of the tool and our working method is that strategy development is made available to people. We make strategic work comprehensible, manageable and even engaging. The tool helps boards and management groups to maintain an interest in strategic issues and to avoid losing focus. We achieve this with the support derived from business modelling.

The advantages of the tool and working process are as follows:  

  • It visualizes the enterprise´s business processes and highlights its business models. 
  • It contributes to a common jargon, and you acquire a tool that is easy to grasp, to assist with the development of strategies. 
  • You develop the business model´s sustainability regarding three critical business perspectives. 
  • You secure the scalability of the business model regarding three critical perspectives. 
  • You create a well-prepared framework regards growth strategies with respect to relevant growth objectives and kpi´s. 

As the board and/or management group works to provide profitable strategies, it becomes more obvious how these are influencing the organisation. The implementation and resultant changes are thus easier to manage by the growth management team. If we are needed, we stand ready to support the managers of the organisation.