Management teams and leadership development

A functioning management team is crucial for the development of a company. The collective competence and commitment to sustainable and profitable growth, form the essential foundation for the making of decisions regarding strategies for growth. It is about leading an organization in growth, and we call it growth management. 

When we highlight the factors above, the key aspects of competence in growth management are concerned with: 
– the dynamics of organisational change which comprise the capability to plan and implement strategies and goals, while supporting people during the process. 
– people to people communication which requires the capability to communicate with colleagues, employees and customers. 
– team development which demands the capability to develop teams and understand the need of people and their behaviour within groups. 
– individual development which demands the capability to develop people´s skills in the working roles within the organisation. 

Business model

Our modus operandi

Working together to get where we want to be, we develop a leadership platform based upon the company´s vision, growth objectives, value base and its business model. We raise the profile of the growth program requiring implementation within the organisation, in a change-conscious and substantive way. We create protocols for growth stimulation and growth creation roles within the development program. 

Coaching and follow-up:
Individual coaching and internal mentoring constitute central elements of the development process. These activities establish development and focus. We create individual development plans to measure the resultant growth in capacity. 

Ledningsgruppsutveckling och tillväxtledarskap

Growth management for profitable and sustainable growth

The idea behind growth management is to bolster the growth culture within the organisation by directing focus toward growth creation and growth augmenting activities. 

Organisational changes:
– implementing strategies and goals, while providing support for people throughout the process 
Growth management is the bridge between the company´s business model and the organisation. Working from the vision of the company and its value base, the growth leader oversees the implementation of strategies and necessary changes within the working group. The growth leader also focuses upon monitoring performance by continuous follow-up of set goals and kpi´s. 

People-to-people communication:
-heightening cooperation with others

Growth management is characterised by an inclusive approach to people and is founded upon good self-knowledge, which forms the basis of developing successful relations. To succeed, the growth leader requires a clear understanding of people-to-people communication, where openness and trust are fundamental prerequisites. The ability to work with feedback is an absolute cornerstone. 

Group development:
-developing a working group to become a self-motivated team
Growth management focuses upon the development and morale of the working group. With a clear understanding of the needs and behaviour of individuals within the various development phases of the group, the leader works to guide the group towards cohesion, to create a motivated and efficient team. 

Individual development:
-developing motivated individuals
Growth management focuses upon the employees´ development, to engender their motivation and competencies regarding the conclusion of assignments and the attainment of goals. By highlighting the expectations of the organisation and employing feedback and a coaching-style approach, the leader develops the involvement of the employees and thus their individual performances.