About Auxentum

Since 1999, we have been training thousands of individuals and hundreds of companies. We understand the progress factors that are established. We are also aware of the obstacles which arise in connection with corporate growth, both at strategic and operative levels within an organisation. 

Our mission is to provide boards and management teams with a work process and tools that simplify strategy development. Based on the company´s business model, we help people stay focused and develop strategies for sustainable and profitable growth. 

Our vision is to create a sustainable business by simplifying strategy development for profitable and sustainable growth. Through an increased awareness of the business model, its sustainability and scalability, we support companies, owners, boards, management teams to build a more sustainable future where growth is the focus. 

”Business modeling for sustainable and profitable growth”

Business modelling for profitable and sustainable growth

Auxentum-Tony konsultbild

Tony Wetter, CEO, Economist (MA), Organisational Change. 

I am driven by curiosity and a desire for development. I am of a practical disposition and have always felt a powerful need to develop new skills and proficiencies. 

It is energising to be able to contribute to the knowledge, insight and skills of others in order that they may develop within their own business areas. 

Auxentum-Krister Frost svartvit

Krister Frost, Partner, Economist (MA), Jur kand – LL.M.